Love Protection Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

Love Protection Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet


Black Tourmaline has the ability to transmute and purify negative energy, turning it into usable energy. Black Tourmaline is powerful and grounding, and it is an energy needed by all of us in these challenging times as it acts to protect one's energy field against attachments, entities and bad vibes. 

Watermelon Tourmaline resonates with the heart chakra, and it will cleanse and get rid of any blockages that reside in your heart. Watermelon Tourmaline will help attract love and find your soulmate. It will clear your aura so that more positive love energies will flow in your life. It will clear whatever negative thoughts and feelings you may have that are preventing these love energies from flowing freely. Watermelon Tourmaline will also help bring resolutions to your relationship problems, especially when the problems related to yours and your significant other’s happiness and peace.

6mm bead with Rondelle AAA Warermelon Tourmaline gold filled beads.

*Standard size on bracelets are 7" unless you need another size, please leave your size on the notes section at checkout* If you need a size 8+ there will be a small additional fee, please send me a message so I may invoice you.