Q & A

1. How do I care for my crystals?

All of our jewelry is made with authentic high-quality gemstones and high quality rose gold filled, 14k gold filled, sterling silver and vermeil jewelry. All of our bracelets are handcrafted on clear, strong elastic that is durable and stretches.

Due to the nature of these raw earth elements, it is highly recommended that you do not shower, swim or sweat while wearing your jewelry to better preserve it.


2. How often do I cleanse my crystals?

You can place your crystal over a piece of Selenite to cleanse if you'd like. You can also say a prayer for God to cleanse your crystal from any negative energy it might have picked up.


3. What happens if I accidentally wet my crystals?

You want to avoid wetting your crystals to better preserve them but if you do it's ok just dry them with a soft cloth. There are some crystals like Selenite that certainly should never get wet or they might dissolve. Please do your research.

4. Do you offer custom pieces?

Yes I do! It would be my pleasure to create a beautiful custom piece just for you! Please e-mail me at shopcrystalsky@gmail.com 

5. What if my bracelet doesn't fit me?

Please refer to the "Shipping & Return Policy" tab.

6. What are your sizes in bracelets?

Standard female bracelet size is 7"
These sizes are standard sizes. To get your exact measurement, tie a string around your wrist and cut it where both ends meet. Lay the string across a measuring ruler to get your exact size and I will add 1/2 inch to leave enough space for comfort, especially if you want to stack them. If you need another size other than standard please indicate your size in the note section at checkout.