About Me


Hello, my name is Crystal and as the Universe would have it, I love crystals! The love of my life... my reason for being... my whole heart and very best friend, my son Skyler is who inspires me and that's how the name Crystal SKY went from vision to manifestation.

My passion for crystals came from the many road trips I took. Visiting many cute little shops, I eventually stumbled upon a quaint little crystal shop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I purchased an Amethyst necklace and a small raw Rose Quartz. Little did I know, those first two pieces were just the beginning. I made it a point to visit a crystal shop in every state I visited. What may have started as a hobby soon turned into fascination and shortly after  I started researching every crystal and its unique properties. I became obsessed with it all and it led me to become a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) at Hibiscus Moon Academy.

 I began witnessing how these shiny crystals were so much more than beautiful things to look at, through their assistance I began healing and raising my own vibration. Not to say that crystals changed my life, but one thing led to another and things started falling apart and getting back together even better. Eventually, alignment in every facet of my life began occurring once I really "listened" and started owning and living my truth. As soon as I started seeing positive changes in my life, I wanted to share my experience with everyone around me.  I have found that I am fueled with a passion for sharing an unconventional point of view with a mystical twist.

I have always believed in the power of manifesting my own reality. Connecting with my true self, helped me realize that it was my destiny to create an uplifting "space" filled with love, magic, and high vibes. When you are spiritually spellbound by the wonders of the world, the SKY, or should I say, the Universe, is the limit! 

Crystals evolved into an obsession that inspired me to take a leap of faith toward actualizing a business that reflected my true spiritual passion. 

Crystal SKY opened in 2017 with a goal to share my love of crystals and the magical realms, keeping the integrity of my free-spirited vision intact.  I have been able to help so many friends and family and want to continue to inspire and empower, connecting the community with the wisdom and tools needed to unlock their unlimited potential and turn dreams into a reality.