Palo Santo & Pink Conch Shell Bracelet

Palo Santo & Pink Conch Shell Bracelet


Palo Santo is known as the Holy Wood and comes from Peru. It is not as strong as sage but it wipes away negative energy and transmutes it into love. Use this purify, cleanse and calm your energy.

Pink Conch shell (and others) are a symbol of the female. It is said that the pink also suggests sensuality, with its similarity to flesh tones. Symbolically, the conch is a vessel filled with the water of life and a symbol of the womb.

Please do not wet these to preserve their nature & scent.

8mm beads.

* Standard size on bracelets are 7" unless you need another size, please leave your size on the notes section at checkout* If you need a size bigger than 7.5”+ there will be a small additional fee, please message me so that I may invoice you.